Posted 9 Feb, 2023 by Yuriy Andamasov

Poway, California, USA, Feb 1, 2022  -- VyOS Networks Corporation, the company that develops the VyOS Network Platform and provides support services, announced today that it is now available on Amazon's AWS Outposts and Microsoft Azure Stack Hub private cloud platforms.

“The demand for private and hybrid cloud is growing due to multiple factors, from purely technical such as response latency to legal and political such as data residency regulations. AWS Outposts and Azure Stack Hub platforms allow customers to bring a shard of the cloud on-premises. Now it's also possible to deploy VyOS from the marketplace just like it's done in the public version of Amazon and Microsoft cloud platforms and leverage its multitude of features to connect to other clouds and on-premises networks and secure them,” says Yuriy Andamasov, VyOS Networks Corporation CEO.

About VyOS

VyOS is an open-source network operating system. Its slogan is "a universal router" because it supports multiple deployment scenarios and roles: bare-metal hardware from small boards to large servers, all popular virtualization platforms including VMware, KVM, and Microsoft Hyper-V, and multi-cloud support for major hyperscalers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. 

VyOS supports multiple dynamic routing protocols via FRRouting, various VPN protocols, and other network routing and security features, available through a unified stateful CLI and an HTTP API for management automation.

About VyOS Networks Corporation

VyOS Networks Corporation is a company started by the VyOS open-source project founders and maintainers to provide services for it and ensure sustainable development.