Posted 18 Mar, 2020 by Yuriy Andamasov

Barcelona, Spain, March, 18, 2020 - Sentrium announces the launch of VyOS free subscription as an additional support project for first responders, non-profit and educational organizations. 

Providing its own services, VyOS interacts not only with its customers, investors, and employees but also with the society in general and the local communities. Being a provider of network OS that runs on a wide range of hardware, virtual machines, and cloud providers, it is important to understand the possibility to contribute to resolving social issues for the sustainable development of society. 

Unlike businesses, the social structures and organizations are often deprived of wide opportunities but have to play under the same rules in IT, using a fraction of budget, limited resources, and lack of support. 

Following the above principles, VyOS decided to mitigate some of the greatest challenges related to IT in non-profit organizations: lack of dedicated resources, outdated hardware/software, and a legacy-based infrastructure. 

VyOS for educational institutions

The open-source community recognizes the importance of all work performed by teachers, educators, researchers, and people of other community-oriented professions. It is the impact that keeps the balance today and prepares young minds for a brighter tomorrow. This initiative is only gratitude for an opportunity to give something in return.

Modern educational institutions face the need to regulate internet connectivity, protect more online-stored data, build efficient cloud-based solutions, and enforce access control from dozens of servers or Wi-Fi hotspots at a time. 

Therefore, VyOS welcomes all teachers, educators, researchers to take a critical element of IT infrastructure off their mind with a free Access Subscription. In addition to both a cloud- and a bare metal-compatible software router and firewall, they will receive access to LTS releases, advanced technical support, and additional benefits of a paid subscription through filling out the next form to apply.

VyOS for non-profits organizations 

Helping other businesses in the community to drive economic development, education, health, arts, and cultural awareness, also virtually being in every sector of society, the non-profit organization definitely plays an important role in every country.  

VyOS recognizes the importance of all the work performed by non-profit organizations. As part of the open-source community, the company fully supports your active civil attitude and is ready to provide help.

VyOS, as a community, is open for collaboration – supporters and contributors all have a word in defining the project’s future. As it is very important for non-profits to select software as a service vendor that offers a unified platform, VyOS is able to offer such services that will fully satisfy the needs of even the most demanding organizations. Single network OS manages all of the users’ computing instances, cloud applications, traffic flows, security restrictions, and much more for a centralized command Line interface. It gives the internal team a chance to stay focused on strategic challenges. VyOS cooperates with existing infrastructure – cloud or bare-metal - instead of replacing it, we make our images ready for deployment once the download is completed. 

VyOS for first responders 

Not all heroes wear capes, but we still need your support, your bravery, your heroism, and your willingness to save lives despite situations and conditions.  

Reliable and open-source network OS for paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, firefighters, rescuers, military personnel, and other first responders branches is ready to take over your daily networking tasks and provide stable performance as well as access to remote units, offices, and equipment. 

This proposition is a way to deliver a better voice, data, and networking solution to emergency services. To work safer with VyOS in remote locations and stay connected despite network congestion.


About VyOS

VyOS project started in 2013 as a fork of Vyatta Core when the open-source Vyatta version was discontinued.

Now VyOS is a fully open-source network OS that provides a wide range of features for any network, from a small business to an Internet service provider. It runs on commodity x86 hardware from desktop router boards to large servers, as well as virtualized in all popular hypervisors and multiple cloud-hosting platforms including VMware, KVM, Xen, Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and more.

Its aim is to provide the reliability and user experience of traditional hardware routers, without getting tied to any specified hardware or software vendor. Unified command-line interface and HTTP API for all functions, built-in configuration versioning, archiving, and reversible image upgrading - all these allow network admins to make configuration changes easily.