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1.2 LTS Access Subscriptions pre-order launch & VyOS 1.1.x EOL

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 26 Dec, 2018

Early Production Access for 1.2.0 LTS binaries is here. We are upgrading our production routers as well as routers of our existing customers and partners, these images also will be used for cloud marketplaces. 

We are now ready to announce pre-order for Access Subscriptions (find the discount code below) and EOL of VyOS 1.1.x

If you ever wanted support VyOS Project, now is a perfect time to do that.

What are access subscriptions and their benefits?

The plan is to unbundle support services from software access.

For people who can support themselves and just need access to ready to use builds of the software and updates, Access Subscription is a more affordable option, and those who need support services can order it separately at any point in time, whether they already have an Access Subscription or not.

Professional and Corporate Access Subscriptions provide annual access to

  • 1.2 LTS images access via CDN
  • Customized images for virtualization platforms (VMWare, Nutanix)
  • Customized images for hardware platforms (Dell, SuperMicro, EdgeCore)
  • Maintenance and security notifications
  • Support portal and knowledge base privileged user account
  • Feature requests and feedback system
  • Privileged user account on the forum
  • CloudPack add-on (images for all clouds)
  • VyOS training materials (Both guides and certification program materials)
  • More services coming during 2019


As per the post about release model change, ready to use LTS images will be only available to VyOS contributors and customers with valid access subscriptions.

The final 1.2 release is planned for January 2019 and we have determined subscription pricing as follows:

  • 500 USD/EUR* for professional access subscription with best effort support for one contact,
  • 1500 USD/EUR* for corporate access subscription with best effort support for up to 5 contacts
  • 6000 USD/EUR* for MSP access subscription with best effort support for MSP customers and priority support for MSP team


From now pm and until the end of the year we are running a pre-order and you have a chance to get your subscription with a discount, a professional access subscription for 400 EUR/USD*, or a corporate access subscription for 1200 EUR/USD*

Please use next discount code - e8ztOzA5

Qualified MSPs will get exclusive conditions for support services as part of this promotion and up to 50% off.

*- Prices are in Euro for countries from EEA and Middle East and in U.S. Dollar or local currency equivalent for rest of the world. Prices does not include any taxes or import fees. Customers from Spain and from EU member states without valid VAT ID are subject to 21% VAT tax.

1.1.x EOL

Now that 1.2.0 release is near, it’s time to formally declare the end of life of VyOS 1.1.x.

It’s still based on a very old Debian Squeeze and a number of components have been rewritten and redesigned since then, so backporting anything to it is nearly impossible.

In the first six months after 1.2.0 release, if a remotely exploitable vulnerability with a known and practical exploit is found, we will release a hotfix, but otherwise, there will be no updates for VyOS 1.1.x

We encourage everyone who uses it to either get a subscription(build their own image) or migrate to current nightly builds or the first rolling release build when it comes out.

Contributor subscriptions

We’d like to remind you that everyone who helped VyOS project until the release model change by sending patches, testing and submitting bug reports, writing documentation, or promoting VyOS will get a perpetual LTS image access subscription.

You can apply using a contributor form.

We have already processed about 60 applications and will send subscription access details when the subscription infrastructure is complete.

After the 1.2.0 release, contributor subscriptions will be yearly by default and available for people who’ve been active within the last year; while perpetual subscriptions will be reserved for people who make outstanding contributions or keep making contributions consistently for a long time.

Companies who allocate time for their employees to contribute to VyOS during working hours are eligible for corporate subscriptions at no cost too.


Happy New Year!


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