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VyOS 1.2(Crux) EPA3 available to subscribers

The new VyOS 1.2.0-epa3 early is ready and available to subscribers
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1.1.8 followup

LLDP bug James Brown reported on phabricator that LLDP is not working in 1.1.8. Quite a mess up on our side: the reason it's not working is that it's built against the old ...
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1.1.8 release is available for download

1.1.8, the major minor release, is available for download from (mirrors are syncing up). It breaks the semantic versioning ...
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1.1.8-rc2 release (fixes the problem with VLAN interfaces)

A new image is available for testing:  If you are using VLAN interfaces, avoid the rc1 one and install the rc2 ...
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1.1.8-rc1 release is available for testing

The long overdue 1.1.8 release candidate is available for download from While a number of people have already ...
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VyOS remote management library for Python

Someone on Facebook rightfully noted that lately there's been more work on the infrastructure than development. This is true, but that work on infrastructure was long overdue and ...
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