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Big thanks and special offers for the winter holidays

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 26 Nov, 2020

Hello and happy Thanksgiving!

Winter holidays season is begun. This year isn't joyful one because of all that pandemic but It's been an important year for us at VyOS Project though, as we've been helping many companies quickly adapt to greatly increased networking needs and cut their costs at the same time. We are glad that we could be there to help, and we are grateful to everyone who participates in VyOS project!

Winter holidays is a traditional season for special offers and as everyone else, we've created two different special offers to help more companies deploy VyOS and stay within their budgets. First, every hardware device from Edge-Core, Lanner or Protectli you order via our website until the end of the year automatically includes a Pro subscription at no additional cost. The second offer is a "get one, gift one": if you buy any software access subscription, you can gift one to your partners, clients or friends

Buy a hardware box, get a free subscription for a year

For some applications, you still need a dedicated hardware router—whether it's because it's a remote site or a small branch office that doesn't have a hypervisor host, or because your performance requirements are higher than virtual machines can provide.

Hardware costs can be substantial for manu companies, so we offer you a chance to access to VyOS LTS release at no additional cost. If you buy any officially supported device through our website until the end of the year, we'll automatically give you a Professional subscription that includes access to images for your chosen platform.

If you want to buy a Corporate software access subscription, or get a Support subscription, we will give you a discount equivalent to the price of a Professional subscription.

If you've already bought a supported device in November, this offer applies to you retroactively! You can claim a free Professional subscription for a year, or get another year for free if you also bought a subscription already.

Get one, Gift one

If you buy any software access or support subscription,  you can gift an equivalent subscription to a company of your choice. It can be any company as long as it's a distinct legal entity. It can be your own subsidiary, a branch in another country, or even your side project startup—no limits here.

If you choose to give VyOS services to a company that isn't yours, we will contact that company with the offer and mention it comes from you, accept or not it's up to them and they will have year to decide if VyOS can help 

This offer also applies to renewals. If you are renewing your existing subscription you can gift a new subscription to someone else.

Big thanks 2020!

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Merch discounts

Last but not least, there are merch discounts too. Use this link to buy VyOS t-shirts, stickers, and more with a 10% discount.

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