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Cyber Monday: more thanks, and more special offers

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 30 Nov, 2020

The season of greetings and special offers continues. In times like these, we think it's especially important to show gratitude to everyone who's helping us and offer something in return. So, here's more thanks, and more offers.

Our "Black Friday" offers

If we announced those offers on the "black Friday", doesn't mean they are no longer valid. We understand people don't buy network gear on a whim and we don't want to encourage impulse purchases: all those offers are valid until the end of the year.

A quick summary:

  • Every hardware box you buy through our website comes with a free Professional software access subscription for a year.
  • "Get one, gift one": everyone who buys a software access subscription can gift one to another one to parter, client or supplier
  • All our merch comes with a 10% discount.

Thanks to our Patreon and BuyMeACoffee supporters!

Someone rightfully noted that we didn't explicitly say thanks to people who support us on Patreon and BuyMeACoffee. Thus, we need to clarify: we are definitely grateful to all people who support the project, whether it's by contributing code, writing documentation, promoting VyOS in blog posts and social media, and of course to people who donate, too.

You may think that one donation doesn't make a difference, but if there's a large number of supporters who donate a small amount every month, it will definitely help the project become more sustainable. It's also a statement of support for the project—and we appreciate it when people show their support.

Remember that we give free subscriptions to all contributors. If you contribute code, docs, help us test rolling release, write about VyOS, or spoke about it at conferences, you may already be eligible for a free subscription. Contact us for details!

Free subscriptions for certified network professionals

Earlier we announced that everyone who holds a professional level certificate from another vendor, can take the VyOS Certified Network Engineer for a reduced fee. That offer is still valid.

However, people who want to study for the exam need access to the LTS release. Besides, it's often certified professionals who are involved in evaluating new products for their companies.

Nowweveryone who holds a professional level certificate from another network vendor, can claim a free LTS release access subscription until the end of the year.

Holders of the following certificates are eligible:

  • VMware ...
  • Juniper JNCIP, JNCIE
  • Vyatta Certified Professional/Brocade vRouter Certified Professional — in this case an expired certificate works.

If you hold a certificate from another vendor, and you think it's of an equivalent level, let us know and we'll see if we agree with you.

Happy Cyber Monday!


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