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VyOS for Australian companies

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 27 Jan, 2020


We want to help in recovering Australia after fires.

so if you Australia-based, read below, and if not, read  below anyway

Recent bushfires in Australia endangered a lot of people and caused widespread property damage. We are glad the situation is more or less under control now. However, while stopping the spread of wildfires is a very complex task by itself, it’s only the first step.  You are still left with disrupted infrastructure that you have to restore.

We offer VyOS Software Access Subscriptions to all companies in affected areas at no cost. If switching to commodity hardware and virtualized routers can help you restore the damaged infrastructure and bring the local economy back to speed, that's the least we can do for you. Existing customers can request additional help at not cost as well.

Non-commercial organizations and emergency response services are always eligible for free subscriptions, no matter the place and situation. If you are a representative of a non-commercial organization or first responder anywhere in the world, feel free to contact us.

Last but not least: 

Please consider donating to Red Cross Australia!



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