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VyOS is featured in GigaOm Radar reports for network operating systems

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 16 May, 2024

Hello, Community!
This year, VyOS is featured in GigaOm Radar reports on disaggregated network operating systems again, this time as a challenger and outperformer. Let us discuss that in more detail, and remember that we are happy to share the reports with anyone interested — let us know and we will send them to you!

First, this is the third year in a row that we have featured in those reports. I suppose it is already a good sign that we are still there, while some other projects were already removed. We kept out position as a challenger on the "entrant — challenger — leader" spectrum, but our development performance was upgraded from forward mover or fast mover to outperformer.

This is what the picture looks like for the Enterprise and SMB markets:

And this is where we are in the MSP market segment, according to GigaOm's analysts:

We are glad to see our efforts recognized and that we are featured among products created by much larger companies. Even if we are not a market leader yet, we are striving to create a network operating system that can serve the diverse needs of our customers.

Hardware costs keep rising, and the environmental footprint of hardware manufacturing is an increasingly grave concern — but VyOS runs on a wide range of hardware, so customers can just deploy it on something they already have or deploy VyOS in virtual machines. Migrating between different cloud vendors or creating a multi-cloud environment can be a big challenge, but we support all major clouds and keep adding more so people can take VyOS with them to the new environment. Using multiple different network products for different roles can be real trouble for personnel training and automation, still, VyOS tries to cover as many roles and use cases as it is feasible. Accidental vulnerabilities and intentional backdoors are getting even more dangerous as the world relies on digital infrastructure more than ever. At the same time, criminals and state actors develop increasingly complex attacks, but VyOS source code is available for end-to-end security auditing by anyone who needs that done.

There is a lot of work ahead before we are recognized as leaders in the traditional network device space, and we think the reports confirm that we are moving in the right direction.

However, there is more to VyOS than the reports cover. It is important to remember VyOS is not just disaggregated in the sense that you do not need to buy specific hardware or other products to run it — it is also an open and extensible platform with a general framework for exposing new functionality in the same CLI and APIs as built-in features rather than merely plugins, and we are working to make using VyOS as a platform even easier.

Request reports here

Let us see what next year's reports say about us!

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