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Global security issue with Russian Federation invasion into Ukraine

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 27 Feb, 2022

Hello Community!


The VyOS team, just like our project, is highly distributed, with people, both employees and community members in multiple countries worldwide, and we are proud to call VyOS a global project that makes our world better.

All this means that many good and bad events affect the team, community, and whole project at all levels.

No secret that we have multiple core team members in Ukraine: 

Colleagues and friends. Those who build VyOS day by day.

The attack on Ukraine is also an attack on the VyOS project and many others, as we are all a part of a global system with shared goals, needs, and values.


For now, you should know that all Ukrainian project members I know of are alive and as safe as it’s at all possible in the current situation.


In these circumstances, we have no further plans to provide our services to any organizations in the Russian Federation, and all existing subscriptions for such organizations will soon be terminated.


Россияне, остановите свое правительство,

потому что вам расхлебывать эти щи теперь много лет. 

Чем дольше вы ждете тем хуже будут последствия для всех нас по всему миру. Куча глобальних нерешенных проблем — зачем создавать еще одну? Не ясно  


VyOS Project continues because we have an important mission, and we invite you to join!


Юрій Андамасов 

Cлава Україні! Героям слава!

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