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Complete source code fork

Daniil Baturin
Posted 13 Oct, 2013

As some folks already noticed, we created a complete fork of the original Vyatta code. It lives here: https://github.com/vyos

Unfortunately github (and other code hosting services I know of) do not provide any other way to group related repos other than “organizations”, so I created the VyOS ogranization for it. I’d like to keep it under SO3Group along with other related packages, but a separate organization is fine too.

Right now the source code in “daisy” branch builds and produces a bootable ISO. Although it still uses the original packages.vyatta.com mirror, I’ll need to replace it with our host. Also we are going to make the mirror used to obtain prebuilt packages at ISO build stage configurable (e.g. via a ./configure option) so people can easily use a mirror they like better or setup a local one. The default will be our main host in Amsterdam.

Even though it’s not so Linux-way, we are going to stick with the old Vyatta model with each new release in separate branch instead of keeping all new development in master branch. To distinguish VyOS branches from original Vyatta branches we decided to name them after chemical elements. First one will be “hydrogen”, then “helium” etc.

Submodule paths should be correct now, so “git submodule update” should work properly. Let us know if you have any problems with it.

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