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Bugtracker custom fields

Daniil Baturin
Posted 20 Oct, 2013

Note the two custom fields I added to the bugtracker.

Difficulty level

First one is implementation difficulty level. It’s meant to simplify the choice of bugs to work on for contributors according to the time and effort they want to put into it.

The scale is logatirhmic, so each new level is several times harder than previous one. Something like:

Minutes to hour of work. E.g. message typo, simple command wrapper, simple case in otherwise complete module. Good for beginners who want to get familiar with the code.
Several hours to day of work. E.g. simple backend integration, minor modifications to backends, mistakes that don’t require heavy refactoring to fix.
Days or weeks of work. E.g. complex backend integration, heavy backend modifications, mistakes with unclear cause or that require heavy code rework to fix.
Months of work. E.g. new routing protocol, new driver, other heavy modifications to the system components.
Nearly impossible.

Please do not set that field if you are not familiar with relevant code portions.

Bug cause

The other field is bug cause. This is meant to improve the understanding of why bugs appear in particular components and help us do something about it (e.g. improve developers documentation, review procedures or something).

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