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Images and git digest #4

Daniil Baturin
Posted 5 Nov, 2013

Images: amd64, i386.

Two outstanding bugs were fixed today. First, the one that rendered DHCPv6 relay useless (#62). Thanks to mrjester for reminding it exists and Stig for the patch.

Second, the one that broke IPv4 peer-groups (#58). This bug exists in VC6.6 too, those who use it may try these packages (try on a testbed first!).

Also I removed the VSE build support (in VC source it just made it use different config.boot.default mostly), and renamed “–with-community-build” to “–with-release-build”, as we have only one edition. Don’t forget to “autoreconf -i” after pull.

Regarding the different config.boot.default, maybe it makes sense to add an option to select a custom config.boot.default for producing turnkey images for particular machine or application, not sure.

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