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Package mirrors used at build time are now configurable

Daniil Baturin
Posted 5 Nov, 2013

On Nov 5th 2012 Brocade announced the acquisition of Vyatta.

I think this is a good day to announce this change in our build system. In original Vyatta and prior VyOS build scripts package mirrors used in image build were hardcoded to packages.vyatta.com and there was no easy way to use anything else.

This can be acceptable for proprietary development model, but very inconvenient for a community project, so we planned to change it and now it works.

There are three new ./configure options:

Debian bootstrap package mirror URL
--with-debian-mirror Debian package mirror URL
--with-vyos-mirror VyOS package mirror URL

For the primary mirror it could look like this:

./configure --with-debian-bootstrap-mirror=http://packages.vyos.net

Note the absense of trailing slashes. “/debian/$branch” is appended to debian mirror URLs, and “/$branch” is appended to VyOS mirror, and double slash upsets whatever is used by livehelper for some reason. So make sure your URLs have no trailing slashes.

We may fix it at some point, but as it’s a typical “minor” bug (a problem with easy workaround), it’s not a high priority.

Mirror list will be on this page: vyos.net/wiki/Mirrors.

Let us know if you are having any problems with build now and comment on bug #65. Don’t forget to “autoreconf -i” before trying this out, as we made changes to autoconf script.

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