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Images and git digest #6: no more sablotron

Daniil Baturin
Posted 10 Nov, 2013

Images: i386, amd64.

The key change I made is removing dependencies on Sablotron. At least I think there is nothing left, when I removed it from the package list, nothing installed it for dependencies. Can be missing dependency somewhere though, so I’ll need to review it, and you can comment on Bug #66 if you find any problems related to this change.

Sablotron was an XSLT library that is no longer maintained and it’s not included in squeeze or any other modern debian version. Vyatta used packages from lenny that are apparently even not rebuildable anymore.

For vyatta-op-dhcp-server I replaced the old op mode commands for “show dhcp server leases *” with Perl versions that don’t use any XSL. Looks like it was jsouthworth’s original idea, as he started Vyatta::DHCPServerOpMode module and moved “show … statistics” to there. That module is where I put leases functions too.

Changes to vyatta-op-firewall are smaller, that code only calls a binary from vyatta-op-xml to render XML, and I replaced those calls with xsltproc. Seems to work perfectly, the only change I made is supressing XML header output. I’d like to refactor that too, but I put it on hold until we decide what and when we are going to do with firewall.

Changes to vyatta-op-vpn and vyatta-nat are trivial, just removing dead code and unused dependencies from debian/control.

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