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git digest #8: webproxy LDAP auth and op mode enhancements

Daniil Baturin
Posted 2 Dec, 2013

First, I integrated the patches for webproxy LDAP authentication. Some documentation on the commands can be found here: http://vyos.net/wiki/Web_proxy_LDAP_authentication. ActiveDirectory example from the original message:

# show service webproxy
authentication {
ldap {
base-dn dc=home,dc=tld
bind-dn cn=ldapbind,cn=Users,dc=home,dc=tld
filter-expression sAMAccountName=%s
password LongLdapPassword
method ldap
listen-address {

Second, “show system memory” now displays memory information in easy to use format.

vyos@vyos64-test# run show system memory
Total: 497
Free: 401
Used: 96

“free -ot” output contains too much information for an overview, and when I suspect an out of memory condition, I prefer to just quickly see Free+Cache+Buffers as “free” for the starting point. /usr/bin/free is not gone of course, it’s still there and can be used with whatever options you like.

Third, there’s “show users recent [NUMBER]” command now to display recent user sessions.. It’s a wrapper for “last -aF”.

vyos@vyos64-test# run show users recent
vyos pts/0 Mon Dec 2 11:48:34 2013 still logged in
Displaying logins since Sun Dec 1 00:17:05 2013

All should be in the next nightly builds, or build the ISO yourself.

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