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New logos

Daniil Baturin
Posted 3 Dec, 2013

Not that important, but still. I updated the logos on the websites, but forgot to upload reusable versions.

“Full”: http://vyos.net/wiki/File:Vyos_logo_full.png. “Half”: http://vyos.net/wiki/File:Vyos_logo_half.png. SVG with both, should open just fine with Inkscape: http://vyos.net/wiki/File:Vyos_logo.svg (I have no idea why MediaWiki couldn’t render it correctly, might be Inkscape extentions).

The logos are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA license, which means you can use, distribute, and modify them as long as modified versions are released under the same license and you don’t make profit on it. E.g. if you want to print it on a t-shirt or make a CD cover for personal use or free distribution, go ahead. If you are going to sell it, you need to ask us first.

Thanks to Irina Kushnerova for the help with logo design.

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