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Infrastructure changes digest: new nightly builds location and new mirrors

Daniil Baturin
Posted 16 Dec, 2013

First, nightly builds were moved to separate location: http://builds.vyos.net/. This is done to naturally exclude them from mirrorring, as they are of little value and hardly worth mirroring. Now if you mirror rsync://packages.vyos.net/vyos, you get only repos and release images. Of course, no one prevents you from mirroring nightly builds too, if you want it (rsync://packages.vyos.net/vyos-builds).

Second, we’ve got two mirrors. One in the US hosted by Bryan Seitz aka Phibs from Symantec: http://mirror.symnds.com/software/vyatta/ (hope he renames the dir to vyos soon) and another one in Sweden hosted by Alexander Normann aka wedge from Adminor: http://0.se.mirrors.vyos.net/.

To simplify dealing with mirrors I create a shortcut for them all that redirects the request to random mirror: http://mirror.vyos.net/. You can use it for ISO builds and, in the future, for ISO downloads, request like http://mirror.vyos.net/iso/release/vyos-1.0.0.iso will redirect to e.g. http://packages.vyos.net/iso/release/vyos-1.0.0.iso.

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