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Relationship with EdgeOS

Daniil Baturin
Posted 24 Dec, 2013

We get questions about our relationships with EdgeOS occasionally, so this is to clarify that part.

  • None of the systems commits to closely follow the other, i.e. EdgeOS is not the “upstream” for VyOS or vice versa. In some cases it’s impossible for technical reasons, in others it’s not reasonable because of different platform, target audience etc. Which doesn’t mean we are going to break compatibility for no good reason.
  • All contributions are made solely at developers’ will, no one commits to anything. Of course it doesn’t mean we are not going to do that or even going to intentionally make feature reintegration harder.
  • No formal agreements were made between Ubiquiti Networks and VyOS maintainers, the only connections related to VyOS between them are common goals and developers’ friendship. Which doesn’t mean common goals and frienship are not enough for productive cooperation.
  • None of the systems is officially supported or endorsed by developers of the other. If any of us recommends the other system, it’s their personal opinion. Personally I think EdgeMAX is cool and you should check it out.

In a nutshell, it’s much like FreeBSD and OpenBSD. They exchange patches when it’s reasonable to achieve common goals, but they are independent and each is going in its own direction.

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