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iproute2 cheat sheet

Daniil Baturin
Posted 5 Jan, 2014


This is a side project, but it’s still relevant to open source networking, so probably worth a post.

I (dmbaturin) made an iproute2 cheatsheet that covers most of its features implemented in the kernels used by mainstream distributions like RHEL and Debian, namely IP/IPv6 address configuration, routes, links, tunnels, L2TPv3, ARP/NDP neighbors, and polic-based routing.

I know a number of people who still use the old net-tools like ifconfig and route, and existing iproute2 documentation is either very incomplete or outdated, so I tried to make a more or less comprehensive document organized by tasks rather than commands to provide a quick reference. VyOS developers need information about underlying tools frequently, so should be useful for this purpose too.

Even though I mostly verified that commands work, there’s still a fair amount of typos, poorly worded sentences and so on. Feel free to improve and send me patches, the version control aware source is at https://github.com/dmbaturin/iproute2-cheatsheet.

The next step should be a comprehensive tc reference, and this is going to be way more tricky.

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