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1.0.1 maintenance release

Daniil Baturin
Posted 19 Jan, 2014

Some more or less nasty bugs were found in 1.0.0 (thanks to everyone who reported and suggested fixes), so it’s time to release an update.

Resolved issues:


Image upgrade

That’s just as usual, except VC and 1.0.0 images still have the redirect bug. Download desired image from http://mirror.vyos.net/iso/release/1.0.1/ to your router, then do “add system image <file name>”.

Package upgrade

For those who don’t want to reboot for a minor upgrade, we made experimental upgrade packages. They are just self-extracting tarballs with updates .deb’s and installation script.

Download package for your architecture from http://mirror.vyos.net/updates/, “chmod +x” it and run it.

This upgrade mechanism is experimental and not really complete, like it doesn’t change the version displayed in “show version”. If you decide to use it, please send us your feedback, so we can figure out if it was a dumb idea or some people actually like it and we should keep working on it.

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