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Helium for i386 is buildable

Daniil Baturin
Posted 4 Mar, 2014

Twitter users, please read the whole post.

Development images of the future release, helium/1.1.0 are now buildable on i386, amd64 will follow soon and the nightly builds will be switched to helium. If you experience any troubles with building it, please let me know. Don’t try it in production of course, it’s unstable and, until we start stabilizing it for the release, will be getting only less stable. ;)

One of important changes in release structure is that there will not be separate virtual platforms image for i386 anymore. One of the implications of it is that it won’t run on old CPUs without PAE anymore (does anyone still use those anyway?). Reducing the number of build flavours simplifies testing, and provided we may need to make another build flavour for AWS, this sounds like a reasonable step to me.

The current kernel config is identical to the former virt image. I need your help here: we need to identify what modules from the former physical image kernel we really need there. I identified some already, but if you compare the configs, “virtual” and “physical”, and let me know what you think, it would be awesome.

If you don’t want to build the image from source, you can try http://builds.vyos.net/iso/development/helium/helium-test-i386.iso.

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