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SNMP OID and sysDescr change in lithium

Daniil Baturin
Posted 17 Feb, 2015

The current stable release still uses old Vyatta OID (30803) and “Vyatta VyOS 1.x.x” in sysDescr. This makes SNMP tools recognize it as Vyatta, which doesn’t have a negative effect since we preserve backwards compatibility with Vyatta Core, but it’s still incorrect and should be fixed.

The upcoming release uses out own OID (44641) and removes the Vyatta part from the sysDescr, which makes identification correct. However, it may confuse SNMP tools that maintain a device database and use the OID or sysDescr for anything.

LibreNMS has support for VyOS for a while already, and Observium merged a relevant patch lately.

If you know of any other SNMP tools that may have a problem with it, let us know so we can send them patches, or send a patch and let us know that you did.

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