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Update: 1.1.4 amd64 image load balancing problem

Daniil Baturin
Posted 11 Mar, 2015

Updated image can be downloaded from the primary mirror, http://packages.vyos.net/iso/release/1.1.4/vyos-1.1.4-1-amd64.iso.

The correct build ID should be 1503102358-59cbd40. If you see 1503092004-59cbd40 in “show version”, it means you are running the affected image and you should update to the “1.4.1-1” to get load balancing back. Sorry for the inconvenience. The old image was removed from there, but it will take some time for the mirrors to sync up.

What happened is that the holes lined up in an unfortunate way. First the build server did not copy the updated package to the repository, but didn’t indicate an error. Then debian live-helper script didn’t indicate an error when it could not install the missing package. Then we missed it because load balancing tests are not in the release checklist.

We’ll improve our release procedures to prevent problems like this from happening again.

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