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1.1.5 maintenance release

Daniil Baturin
Posted 25 Mar, 2015

1.1.5 release is available for download (mirrors will pick it up soon).

You can find the release notes here. Most importantly, there are multiple security fixes in OpenSSL, so it’s highly recommended to upgrade your installations.

VyOS specific bugs that we fixes are:

  • Removing “address-family ipv6-unicast” could remove the whole neighbor config from quagga. Now it works as it should.
  • Setting up the MTU for VLAN interfaces didn’t work properly, now it does.
  • Setting up DHCPv6 client options on VLAN interfaces didn’t work, now it should work fine.
  • Quagga daemon configs are now saved to /opt/vyatta/etc/quagga after commit (the system still uses the old approach with pouring commands into vtysh, so those are just backup copies though). Before that, if a daemon crashed or got out of sync with VyOS configuration, there was no way back other than reloading the router or configuring quagga manually (it’s quite a rare occurence, but when it happens, it’s obviously catastrophic). Even though it’s not automated and still requires some experience with Quagga, there’s at least some way back.
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