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Join VyOS at FOSDEM 2024 (Feb 3-4)

Santiago Blanquet
Posted 1 Feb, 2024

Hello, community!

We're thrilled to announce that VyOS will be part of FOSDEM 2024, one of the most significant and vibrant events in the open-source world. We're excited to meet you there!

FOSDEM: A Hub for Open Source Enthusiasts

FOSDEM, held in Brussels, is a unique event that brings together thousands of developers and tech enthusiasts from all over the globe. It's a place to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and explore the latest trends in open-source and free software. With a wide range of talks, workshops, and booths, FOSDEM offers something for everyone who is passionate about technology.

Meet Us at FOSDEM

We invite you to join us for a friendly chat. Whether you're a longtime VyOS user, interested in network operating systems, or just curious about what we do, we'd love to meet you. Our team is eager to share insights about VyOS, discuss our latest features, and hear about your experiences and needs.

Why Connect with VyOS at FOSDEM?

  •  Personal Interaction: Get to know the people behind VyOS. We're a team passionate about open source and committed to building a robust, accessible network operating system.
  • Learn and Share: We value the power of community knowledge. Share your challenges and successes, and learn how others are leveraging VyOS in their networks.
  •  Explore Collaborations: FOSDEM is an ideal place to explore potential collaborations. Let's discuss how we can work together to achieve our mutual goals in the open-source community.
  •  Stay Informed: Learn about the latest developments in VyOS and what's coming next. We believe in transparency and continuous improvement, and your feedback is vital for us.

Let’s Make the Most of FOSDEM 2024

We're looking forward to an eventful couple of learning, networking, and fun-filled days. Don't miss the chance to connect with us and the broader open-source community. Feel free to reach out for more details about our participation or to schedule a meeting.

See you in Brussels!


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