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Last RC, Early Production Access, Educational and non-profit Access Subscriptions

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 13 Dec, 2018

Hello Community!

We were busy as always doing coding and some more useful stuff, but it’s time for an update.

We are preparing the RC11 which will be last release candidate, after which we will transition to the next stage that we decided to call EPA (Early Production Access).

EPA is a version that we’ll start rolling out to our own and customer production environments. During this period we will be focusing on bug fixes and improvements related to issues found during production rollouts. 1.2-LTS-EPA also will be used for cloud images and the first version accessible for customers and contributors via LTS access subscriptions.

We are pleased to announce access subscriptions for educational institutions and qualified non-profit organizations at no cost (we will ask you for testimonials/case study in exchange)

If you are a school, university, or college representative please fill this form

If you are a non-profit organization representative, please fill this form

We plan to open pre-order for subscriptions next week, stay tuned to get discounts and other perks.


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