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Let’s meet at the MSP Summit and the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas on April 11-14!

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 5 Apr, 2022


In 2022 non-virtual events are returning to life. During the summer and fall, we will see a lot of classic conferences produced in hybrid rather than purely virtual formats.

I am personally looking forward to visiting VMWorld this year, but that’s a story for a later time.

Today I invite you to meet at this year's MSP Summit and the Channel Partners Conference & Expo.  Those events will be held in Las Vegas on April 11-14 2022. 


The Channel Partners is a conference and a trade show with over 300 vendors and thousands of attendees, and the MSP Summit is co-hosted at the same venue.

One of our long-time customers and partners and soon-to-be members of the VyOS foundation—ZTelco, attend that conference to build more business with their RingPlan product—a comprehensive VoIP service solution. 

How VyOS is used, there is also an exciting subject, but it’s also a story for a separate post.

Jake Hansen,  ZTelco CEO, invited me to join them, and I was happy to accept the invitation.

If you want to discuss the VyOS project or business opportunities and be in Las Vegas on April 11-14, I invite you to stop for a chat & drinks at the conference grounds or another place.

And if you are elsewhere in the US, feel free to contact me, and maybe we can come up with an idea of how to meet!

See you!

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