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ProNet Announcement

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 4 Feb, 2018

Hello Community!

In the past few months there was a significant growth of interest to VyOS Project.

We’ve started getting more requests from companies looking for professional services such as  feature development and support and that is obviously great thing for the project!

However, to satisfy the demand, we need to grow the support team, and rather than try to do everything ourselves, we decided to share the business opportunities with the community of people and companies who are using VyOS and willing to share their expertise.

In other words, it’s time to start building a partner network!

We decided to name it ProNet, for a short and catchy name.

At Sentrium, we’ll focus on developing and maintaining VyOS, expanding our cloud platforms support, and offering custom feature development and developer support to our customers. Existing support contracts will continue to be fulfilled, but we will not take new support customers ourselves from now.

To offer decent level of quality for support services we already talking to several companies that showed interested in providing support services for certain territories however that is only beginning. If you is freelancer with deep VyOS knowledge or company with expertise in networking and VyOS and want to be part of our ProNet please drop us a line to pronet@vyos.io and we follow up from there.

There are three levels - registered, professional, enterprise.

While we finishing program perks and requirements document we can guarantee that all qualified partners of first wave will get very exclusive conditions

We plan to introduce partner locator web on https://pronet.vyos.io in Q2 2018 and we open to suggestions, 

just comment your ideas here or on social media about what you would like to see in future portal and we will be glad to consider them for implementation.

If you read until this line, you deserve 15% discount for our merchandise, just use this link  to get it automatically on check out or use PRONET code on checkout otherwise at our shop here

Stay tuned!


Registration form is now available here

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