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Sentrium? What Sentrium?

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 7 Mar, 2016

You may start wondering what's that mysterios Sentrium S.L. that appears in VyOS-related material sometimes.

It's pretty easy. Sentrium S.L. is the company that Daniil Baturin (one of VyOS maintainers) and his friend, Yuriy Andamasov who goes by syncer (a long time Vyatta and then VyOS user), and his friend Santiago Blanquet Bru De Sala setup for their IT consulting endeavors, and then thought that it can act as "the company behind VyOS" in cases when being a company makes things easier.

The company is registered in Spain and was funded completely out of our pockets, with no investors involved. Our source of income at the moment is a few consulting agreements with various companies.

To address some concerns it may raise, here are things that Sentrium S.L. may do:

  • Appear in the vendor/subject field in appliance catalogs, SSL certficiates, conference registrations and the like.
  • Provide support and consulting services specifically for VyOS (we are still wondering how to organize in a way that allows other maintainers and experienced community members to participate in it if they choose to).
  • Hire people and purchase services for VyOS (e.g. graphics design)
  • Take over the world.

What Sentrium S.L. will never do:

  • Assume copyrights to existing VyOS source code
  • Require VyOS contributors to transfer their copyright
  • Make a proprietary or freemium versions of VyOS
  • Wipe out the hackers forum
  • Sell VyOS to a FibreChannel switch manufacturer

In other words, for VyOS and its development process, it changes nothing. If we come up with any ideas for commercial support offerings for VyOS, we will tell, and if you have any ideas how to make it community-friendly, tell us!

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