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Social network integration for VyOS 2.0

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 1 Apr, 2016

There are still many design decisions we have to make for the next generation VyOS.

No project can become successful these days if it lacks social network integration. For this reason we started working on it right away.

When you install VyOS, you will be prompted to link it to at least one supported social network, Facebook or Twitter. If you choose to use Facebook, you will be prompted to join the official VyOS group and join or create a group for your network.

One of the functions of social networks is to connect like-minded people and let them tell one another about their interests. For this reason we are adding "likes" to the command line interface. You will be able to like a particular feature and see who else likes it.

We will be using the number of likes to prioritize features. Features that get the most likes will get the most attention, so make sure to like the features you use.

Knowing who else likes features you use will also help you find people to share experience or ask for help.

vyos@vyos# like protocols ospf

vyos@vyos# run show likes protocols ospf
dmbaturin likes OSPF
syncer likes OSPF
jrandomhacker likes OSPF

The other important function is to let other people know what you are up to. VyOS 2.0 will automatically post information about new commits, image upgrades, and other events to Facebook and Twitter. You can also choose to send all log messages to your Twitter account. While there is no mechanism in place for this, in the future VyOS may be able to post screenshots of error messages to Instagram.

And, it's a while off, but maybe at some point you will be able to control your routers through posts in social network groups. We call this concept SDN (Socially Defined Networking). Stay tuned!

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