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Software and Support Subscriptions Update

Daniil Baturin
Posted 4 Oct, 2019

Finally we have finished updating our website (there’s still an ongoing work on improving it though, and your suggestions are welcome!) And it's time to update pricing for our services and subscriptions and also tell bit more about both


We are making some changes to the pricing of software subscriptions as well, effective since October the 1st. While the price is growing, so is the value of subscriptions to customers, as we introduce new features and services such as optimized images for different platforms.

The main goal is to optimize the price to service level ratio and, in the end, provide a better service to customers and get more sustainable funding for the project to thrive and grow in the long run (You want that XDP and other goodies, right?)

For existing customers, prices don’t change: you can keep renewing your subscription at the same price you purchased it. The earlier you join, the less it costs you in the long run.

While VyOS subscriptions may seem expensive, you should take into account that the model is different from many other vendors.

VyOS software isn’t licensed per instance, per core, per connection or any other arbitrary limit (except for public cloud marketplace images where billing is per core). No serials or license keys either, no license management troubles. You only need one subscription to deploy as many instances as you need. We only charge for access to prebuilt binaries and services, since the software itself is free and open source.

Remember that you can also get a free subscription if you contribute to VyOS.


Support SLAs, to the contrary, got cheaper. See below for details!

Software Access Subscriptions 

Professional software access subscription will cost 600 eur/year

This is an entry level subscription for small businesses and individuals who require advanced networking and long term support. It provides access to the generic ISO image and also an optimized image for one hypervisor of choice (You can choose between ProxMox, Hyper-V and VMware ESXi). We will provide best effort support for pro customers via the forum. Pro customers also can buy ad hoc support services (we currently offer packs of four hours of hands-on assistance, but we may introduce other offers in the future).

Corporate software access subscription will cost 2400 eur/year.

This is our enterprise offering for businesses that may require SLA support and need to deal with multiple different platforms, both physical and virtual. It provides access to the generic ISO image and also a selection of optimized images for different hardware and virtualization platforms that we will expand over time. Corporate subscribers can also reduce their cloud deployment costs with Cloud Packs (see below). Best effort support is available via support portal and for important deployments you can get a support SLA with guaranteed response time, priority bug fixes, phone and chat support and hands-on assistance from core team members. You can also buy hands-on assistance time at a discounted rate.


MSP software access subscription will cost 8000 eur/year

This is our offering for managed service providers who want to use VyOS as a part of their solution and deploy it across different virtualization and hardware platforms as well as public and private clouds. It comes with support that is available for the MSP as well as its customers. It provides access to the generic ISO image and every image included in the Corporate subscription. MSP subscribers get special pricing for the Cloud Packs.

Best effort support available via support portal and for production deployments you can get a support SLA with guaranteed response time, priority bug fixes, phone and chat support and hands-on assistance from core team members if required. You also get a discount for ad hoc support if you don’t need a support SLA.


Private and marketplace images for public clouds

No changes to marketplace pricing, it’s still $0,1 per core in all clouds. 

We are still working to bring VyOS to the Google Cloud Platform marketplace, meanwhile we offer private image access so that you can test it. 

Already use VyOS on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure? Please leave a review there.

Unfortunately not all public clouds have marketplaces yet, so we provide certain cloud images directly. Interested? Contact us!

CloudPack and CloudPack One

We are introducing “CloudPacks” for companies that do a lot of networking in public clouds and need more than 10 instances. With a CloudPack, you can deploy and use any number of instances for a fixed yearly fee.

This way you can keep your cloud bill smaller and more predictable, since you only need to pay the cloud provider for resource usage.

“CloudPack One” allows unlimited usage in one public cloud of your choice, while the standard CloudPack covers all public cloud VyOS supports now and all it will support in the future.


CloudPack One costs 6000 eur/year, while the CloudPack with all cloud images costs 10 000 eur/year.

New customers will automatically get a Corporate software subscription when they purchase any CloudPack.

Best effort support

We said that all software subscriptions come with best effort support. What exactly is it like?

Those who contacted our support team already have an idea about it. You can count on us to help you with most of VyOS related questions, either via forum for Pro subscribers, or via support portal for Corp subscribers (forum support also available as an option).

We try to handle high severity issues as soon as possible, but there is no guaranteed response times as such. There’s a good chance to get a response within one business day, but it varies with our support team workload and the number of tickets from SLA customers. If response time is important for you, contact us for a support SLA.


One difference between best effort support for Professional and Corporate subscribers is that from now on, support for new Professional level subscription customers will be provided in the public through the forum.vyos.io You are still guaranteed a response from the team, but the topic and the responses are public so that it can help all community members.

If you want to be able to send us unsanitized configs and communicate your issues in private, you need a Corporate level subscription.

Support Subscriptions

In many cases best effort support is more than enough to solve typical issues. But there are use cases where you will want SLA backed support, that is especially true for companies whose core network relies on VyOS. That need is addressed by Software Support Subscriptions with guaranteed response times, priority bug fixes, phone and chat support and hands-on assistance from core team members.

Moreover, when it comes to support, we support people, not software only, so you can expect us go way beyond VyOS support if that is required, because traffic must flow. Cross-vendor interoperability is important, and even if your issue is a fault of another vendor, we’ll do our best to suggest a workaround, or prepare a bug report for that vendor.

Support subscriptions are priced per VyOS router instance or HA pair.

We offer three support tiers:

Standard Support

Standard support is provided via the support portal and/or email, and the guaranteed response time is next business day. It’s well suited for small companies that don’t have complex requirements, as well as companies that have VyOS specialists on board and just wants occasional help and suggestions from engineers or developers.


This subscription costs 600 eur/year per instance.  If you buy Standard support for two or more VyOS instances, you also get a Professional software subscription for free.

Production Support

Production support customers can contact us by phone or Slack(dedicated support channel or shared channel) in addition to the support portal, and guaranteed response time for Severity 1 incidents (most serious) is up to 4 hours.


The price is 1500 eur/year for one instance or HA pair. You also get a Professional software subscription for free.

Mission Critical Support

Mission critical support customers are guaranteed a response within one hour for Severity 1 issues. This is best suited for service providers and enterprise users who need prompt incident resolution. Includes all channels(web, mail, slack, phone) and dedicated engineer assigned for Sev 1 incidents. There's also priority hotfixing for critical problems.

You can get it for 6000 eur/year. You also get a Corporate software subscription for free with it.

VyOS for Good

We continue to offer free professional software access subscriptions for education institutions including schools, colleges, universities as well as research facilities and libraries, non-profit organizations and any other projects that are trying to make the world a better place. 

We are also happy to offer pro subscriptions to any public institutions that would like to use VyOS.

Need corp level access? Talk to us and we come up with solution.

Need SLA support? Get it with 30% off and combine with multi year discounts.

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