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VyOS 1.2(Crux)-EPA2 is here

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 2 Jan, 2019

VyOS 1.2.0-epa2 release is now available to subscribers and can be built from the crux branch.

We are happy to see so many subscription purchases and so many free subscription applications from contributors, nonprofits and educational and research institutions, both long-time contributors we have known from the early days of VyOS to people who only joined when 1.2.0 was already in the release candidate phase. As we promised, everyone who contributed before the release model change gets a perpetual subscription, the amount of contributions doesn’t matter. After that, contributing within a given year will give you a yearly subscription.

We know some people already started worrying about their contributor subscription status because we haven’t sent them any confirmation. We’ve been just holding it back until we could go through all applications, and until we’ve had a new image to share.

By now we have checked all subscription applications from contributors that we received so far, and sent all confirmed contributors a message with a confirmation and the 1.2.0-epa2 download link.

The subscriber portal is not ready yet, but we are working on it, and we’ll send messages with registration links to all subscribers when we roll it out.

Some applications from contributors were harder to check than others because they did not include any links to commits, phabricator tasks, or wiki edits, and we could not remember their submitters personally either. If you have not received a subscription confirmation message but sent an application, you are likely one of them—please send us a message with details of your contributions so that we can count you in. As we get closer to the subscriber portal rollout, we’ll send notifications to all people whose contributor status we are unable to confirm.


The 1.2.0-epa2 features some software updates and multiple bug fixes.

The full list of issues that are resolved or need testing can be viewed using with this Phabricator query: https://phabricator.vyos.net/maniphest/query/rKXf6xy8NSZR/#R

The highlights:

  • Software updates: Linux kernel 4.19.12, pmacct 1.7.2
  • The “show ip ospf neighbor x.x.x.x” command behavior fixed.
  • SNMP sysName is now updated on a system hostname change
  • Conntrack helpers are again enabled by default at boot time
  • Kernel modules required for boards with eMMC storage are now enabled by default
  • “show vpn ipsec sa” no longer fails with an exception when there are no established SAs
  • A few CLI help strings are improved
  • VMware tools daemon polling is disabled for now to avoid CPU load spikes on routers with large routing tables, later we plan to make the polling interval a configurable option


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