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VyOS 1.2.7-epa1 and 1.3.0-rc1 images are available

Daniil Baturin
Posted 26 Feb, 2021

VyOS 1.2.7-epa1

First, VyOS 1.2.7-epa1 is now available to subscribers, and everyone can build an equivalent image from our repositories. It's a rather big release, with multiple bug fixes and some backports from the 1.3/equuleus branch. We don’t expect any major issues with it, but we encourage everyone to test it on non-critical routers first. If no issues are found within a week or so, we will call if a 1.2.7 release.


  • Linux kernel 4.19.176
  • The HTTP API now provides a method to retrieve the configuration, either in the VyOS config format or in JSON.
  • It's also possible to convert chunks of configuration to JSON in the CLI (e.g. show interfaces | json).
  • "set protocols ripng distribute-list *" commands work correctly now (they used to erroneously try to reference IPv4 access/prefix-list instead—for years! But finally someone tried to use those commands and noticed The perils of a rarely used protocol...).
  • IPsec configuration now allows IPv4 tunneling over IPv6 connections.
  • The L2TP server now uses kernel-mode rather than user-mode L2TP implementation, which is 2x faster.

This isn’t the last 1.2.x release of course: we will continue making bug fixes and security updates to the 1.2/crux codebase throughout the year 2021 at least until 2022, and may provide extended support beyond that. The size and scope of these maintenance releases will only diminish though, and eventually 1.2 support will be limited to critical security fixes.

You can get its tentative changelog with this Phabricator query.

VyOS 1.3.0-rc1

People are asking when VyOS 1.3 will be ready. We are glad you are asking! While VyOS 1.2 is still far from its EOL, it has exhausted its potential big improvements, and we are always glad to see interest in our new work. It's impossible to give a precise answer, but we can try.

It's tempting to just say "when it's ready", but we know it's not a helpful answer. People and companies need at least some release schedule information to plan their deployments, migrations, hardware upgrades and so on.

Do we have a helpful answer? By now, yes! VyOS 1.3 equuleus is stable enough for geek/lab use at the very least. It's entering a release candidate phase now, and the first such image, 1.3.0-rc1 is now available for download.

You can find the image links on our new community website, in the snapshots section.

We encourage everyone to test it. A good way to safely test it is to import your production configs in a VM and see if it loads and works as expected. You may remember that VyOS 1.2.0 went through 10 (ten) release candidates. Since VyOS 1.3 makes even bigger changes, we predict that it will also take multiple release candidates to weed out the last issues and product a polished LTS release.

Here are Phabricator queries for open tasks and resolved tasks in the 1.3 milestone. We'll be happy to issue contributor subscriptions to everyone who actively helps us test it!

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