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VyOS 1.2.9 maintenance release

Daniil Baturin
Posted 2 Dec, 2022

Hello, Community!

VyOS 1.2.9, the last planned maintenance release of the Crux branch, is now available for subscribers to download. This marks the end of the GA phase for 1.2.x: we will only make any new releases if remotely-exploitable vulnerabilities are found in its code.

We encourage everyone to migrate to VyOS 1.3.x, and we are happy to help with it if needed.

VyOS 1.2.0 (Crux) was released in January 2019,  a time that now feels incredibly distant, in a completely different era. However, the 1.2.x release line hardly has anything to feel nostalgic about — it was the last release still dominated by the old code inherited from Vyatta Core. It also suffers from suboptimal decisions of the transitional period when we were first moving to the current Python3 plus XML command definitions stack.

VyOS 1.3 is smaller and faster than 1.2, more than 50% free of the old code, and has many more features.

However, the fact that most code in 1.3 is completely different from 1.2 means that nothing can be backported from it — neither features nor fixes. If a serious bug is found in 1.2, we'll have to make a fix that will not apply to any new version.

This release already reflects it: its main attraction is the update of FRR to the latest version in the 7.3 line. It also features a few updates from the Freexian repository in the base system, but that's about it.

We also brought the release flavors closer to the 1.3 release structure:

  • OpenStack and Proxmox flavors (basically, KVM with cloud-init) are now 10G thin Qcow2 images.
  • The Lanner NCA25xx flavor was retired.
  • The combined Dell VEP flavor is replaced by separate VEP1400 and VEP4600 images.

Additionally, the Azure upgrade ISO is not present in this release because 1.2.x is no longer available on Azure. If you still have the old 1.2.x instances running, please upgrade them to 1.3.x.

What's next?

We are working hard on the upcoming 1.4.0 (Sagitta) release, but we don't neglect LTS releases either.

We'll start working on the 1.3.3 LTS release in the Equuleus line and publish it when it's ready.

Stay tuned for updates!


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