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VyOS 1.3.0-epa2 release

Daniil Baturin
Posted 18 Oct, 2021

Hello Community!

VyOS 1.3.0-epa2 release is available now. The generic ISO image is available publicly, while subscribers can access additional flavors through the support portal. This is mainly a bugfix release that corrects a number of issues found in the earlier 1.3.0-epa1 release.  However, in addition to bug fixes, it includes a few features and updates, including DNS forwarding support for reverse zones and Linux kernel 5.4.154. It also will not be the last EPA (early production access) release—there are a few work-in-progress bug fixes now, so stay tuned for updates.

Big thanks to everyone who's testing these images and reporting bugs! The number of features and their combinations is incredibly large, and without your help, comprehensive testing would be taking much longer. Remember that we offer free LTS subscriptions to all contributors including those who are testing images and reporting bugs, so if you have been contributing for a while but don't have a subscription, feel free to apply for one.


New features and improvements

  • T3277: DNS Forwarding - reverse zones
  • T3318: Update Linux Kernel to v5.4.154 / 5.10.74
  • T3885: dhcpv6-pd: randomly generated DUID is not persisted
  • T3890: dhcp(v6): provide op-mode commands to retrieve both server and client logfiles
  • T3899: Add support for hd44780 LCD displays

Bug fixes

  • T3750: pdns-recursor 4.4 issue with dont-query and private DNS servers
  • T3874: D-Link Ethernet Interface not working.
  • T3877: VRRP always enabled rfc3768-compatibility even when not specified
  • T3878: get_config_dict() no_tag_node_value_mangle has no effect
  • T3879: GPG key verification fails when upgrading from a 1.3 beta version
  • T3883: VRF - Delette vrf config on interface
  • T3893: MGRE Tunnel commit crash If sit tunnel available
  • T3894: Tunnel Commit Failed if system does not have `eth0`
  • T3904: NTP pool associations silently fail

Other resolved issues

  • T3422: Dynamic DNS doesn't allow zone field with cloudflare protocol
  • T3425: Scripts from the /config/scripts/ folder do not run on live system
  • T3880: EFI boot shows error on display
  • T3882: Upgrade PowerDNs recursor to 4.5 series
  • T3888: Incorrect warning when poweroff command executed from configure mode.
  • T3889: Migrate to journalctl when reading daemon logs
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