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VyOS ASCII Art Contest

Joe Nguyen
Posted 5 Dec, 2023

Hello VyOS Community!

The VyOS ASCII art contest is here, and we invite everyone to help us make a new default login banner for VyOS.


How do I participate?

Make an ASCII art image suitable for a VyOS login banner and submit it in this forum thread until January 31st.

What do we think makes a good login banner?

  • It should be at most 80x25 characters to easily fit on the typical user's screen.
  • It should include a stylized version of either the VyOS "squared V" logo or the word "VyOS".

  • Other than the VyOS logo or name, it can include any imagery related to networking and security. Let your imagination run wild there!

  • It should be your original, hand-made ASCII art — generators and convertors aren't acceptable!

Please read the full contest guidelines on the forum, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


Thanks for your participation!