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VyOS is now on AWS Outposts and Azure Stack Hub

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 10 Feb, 2023

Hello Community! We have not posted much lately, but the work backstage never stops. We keep working on the 1.4 release that should become the new LTS later this year, but even right now, we have good news to share.

Last year one of our customers approached us about Azure Stack Hub support, and since then, Taras and Fernando have worked together to make it possible.

Are you familiar with the idea of on-premises private clouds? If not, here’s a quick introduction:

On-premises private cloud refers to a cloud computing environment that is set up and managed on the company's own physical infrastructure, rather than being hosted by a third-party provider. With an on-premises private cloud, organizations have complete control over their data and resources, providing enhanced security and privacy for sensitive information. Examples of on-premises private clouds include AWS Outposts and Azure Stack Hub. These solutions allow companies to run their applications and store their data on their own hardware, while still enjoying the benefits of cloud computing such as scalability and remote access

We’ve always been striving to cover as many use cases and support as many environments as possible — not least to offer an alternative to vendors who want their customers to buy different products from them or ignore all but the most lucrative markets.

We already support a wide range of off-the-shelf hardware and all major cloud platforms so that our users can bring VyOS to their existing infrastructure and take it with them if they want to migrate to something else. Earlier this year Team worked with Amazon to bring VyOS to AWS Outposts and Azure Stack Hub support looked like a logical next step in our never-ending work to bring VyOS to new platforms.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our engineers Taras Pudiak and Fernando Maidana VyOS is now certified and available in both AWS Outposts and Azure Stack Hub! If you are already using them or plan to start, then you should know that VyOS is already there — ready to help you connect to other on-premises networks and clouds using a wide variety of VPN and routing protocols, make a VPN gateway for remote workers, and fill many other network infrastructure roles.

Are you interested in a blog post about the whole process of certification? Let us know!

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