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VyOS LAB — VulcanBay unboxing and a holidays giveaway

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 14 Dec, 2020

Hi everyone,

Here's something to brighten up this holidays season.
First, we are going to do a live stream this Sunday where we'll reveal our new network performance testing appliance.
Second, we are doing a giveaway, and everyone who reposts our post has a chance to win one of a few prizes.

We are getting performance testing equipment!

People often ask us questions about performance and until recently we had no way to answer them with precision. "How much traffic can this box push?" "What hardware can we use to get 10 gigabit IPsec?" All valid questions!

Soon we'll be able to answer those questions ourselves, and help other open source software projects and hardware manufacturers answer them. We are getting a network performance testing appliance from Xena Networks, that is capable of generating up to 25 gigabit streams.

Our plan is to test our supported devices first, and then offer testing services to other projects. However, we need to get everything set up first.

We are seriously excited about it, and we suppose you are excited too, so we invite you to our unboxing and initial wiring live stream this Sunday on 16:00 UTC.

Winter holidays giveaway

When faced with the novel need to expand and scale their networks while also cutting costs, many companies turned to VyOS and bought our software access and support subscriptions. We are happy to see customers trust us. We also know that many people learn about VyOS through a word of mouth, and it's our readers who spread the word and tell their peers about VyOS.

That is why we want to give something back to the readers. We've got an idea to give a few prizes to random readers who spread the word, including a Dell VEP1425 box, Apple AirPods Pro, and a few more valuable items.

To participate in the giveaway, you need to repost any of our posts in any social media and register here




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