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VyOS on Azure achieves Microsoft co-Sell ready status

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 30 Dec, 2020


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We are super excited to announce that VyOS on Microsoft Azure has achieved a Co-Sell Ready status with Microsoft. It’s a status reserved for select partners that brings sales support and multiple benefits.

We call VyOS a universal router because we strive to make it available for as many platforms and roles as possible. We’ve been happy to help Azure customers to meet their networking needs, and now we are happy to receive a recognition of the value we bring to them.

Apart from recognition and sales support, Co-Sell Ready status also has tangible benefits for Azure customers and cloud solution providers.

Benefits for Azure customers

Microsoft Azure customers who have a consumption commitment agreement (MACC/CtC) can use it towards their payment for VyOS instance usage.

Consumption commitment agreements allow customers to get a volume discount for cloud instance resource usage and other Azure services by committing to pay a certain amount each year/month instead of using a pay-as-you-go model.

Software usage is usually billed separately from consumption commitment agreements, but for offers with a Co-Sell Ready status it's different. Since VyOS is now Co-Sel Ready, its usage counts towards consumption commitment agreements and can be included in the same bill.

To qualify, you need to purchase VyOS image access directly from the Azure marketplace. Not so long ago there wouldn’t be any other way to make that purchase, but now this remark is necessary because VyOS images will also be available from cloud solution providers.

Benefits for Cloud Solution Providers

Azure Cloud Solution Providers can now include VyOS in their solutions and receive incentive in form of a 10% markup.

Benefits for the VyOS project

Co-Sell Ready status will help more Azure customers learn about VyOS. Besides it really big recognition for the project and we count it as a huge milestone!

Big thanks to all project participants and of cours Microsoft team who helped us a lot!


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