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VyOS support portal migration

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 14 Apr, 2023

Dear VyOS Community,

This weekend (from  Apr 15 10:00 UTC  till Apr 16 18:00 UTC ), we will migrate the support portal to a new platform. We have done quite a lot of preparation to ensure that all accounts, data, and functionality will be available after migration. We expect the process to be complete by Monday.


The migration process will be partially disruptive — over the weekend, during this period, customers cannot create new support tickets. However, that doesn't mean you cannot reach the support team and get help! We are committed to our SLAs: you can still send your questions to support@vyos.io or contact the team in Slack or Teams as usual — it will just look like an ordinary conversation without a ticket.

After migration, all your old tickets will still be available in your account, although their identifiers and URLs will change.

Thanks for your understanding and patience, and we hope to see you on our improved support portal when the migration process is complete!

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