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VyOS virtual meeting notes - 14 September 2016

Yuriy Andamasov
Posted 20 Sep, 2016

We hosted our first VyOS virtual meeting here in September and invited both developers and enthusiasts to attend. The meeting was held on September 14th at 18:00 UTC and all in all we had about 11 participants join. Yuriy Andamsov (syncer) brought this idea of a virtual meeting to fruition, thank you Yuriy!

Meeting summary:

VyOS 1.1.8 release
We discussed the general question of whether this should be a maintenance-only release or whether new features should be included. The community has readied a few new features which could easily be imported to this release. In general, past VyOS micro releases have included new features as long as they are safe, low risk changes. There was a lot of discussion about this topic mostly related to where developer time is best spent and whether making this a maintenance-only release would help justify more effort from the community to put towards v1.2. In the end we agreed that 1.1.8 will include backports of a few new features, but only where it's not a major headache or risk to do so.

Web GUI discussion
Mihail brought up the work he's been doing on a web GUI front-end for VyOS. His work can be found here:


General consensus on a web GUI is that it's a nice to have, not a requirement at the moment for the project. We might look to integrate this at some point in the 1.2 future or beyond.

The move to Jessie (VyOS 1.2)

Here's where we are.  We have nightly builds for VyOS 1.2 based on Debian Jessie.  The original VyOS code base is challenging and there's no current automated testing system, so we need testers.  We agreed that one thing we need is visibility on what testing has been done so far.  If you have tested a 1.2 nightly build or would like to, please see this thread to view and get access to the testing matrix.

Jason Hendry mentioned a side project which some Mintel hackers had started on, using serverspec to automate tests of VyOS nightly builds.  On top of doing some manual testing of the nightly builds and contributing to the spreadsheet, he's going to look into getting the serverspec base pushed into CI.

Community Members Present

We had a lot of responses to the original phabricator thread.  Unfortunately not everyone could make it, and also a few people weren't able to join because we hit limits with maximum number of participants in Google Hangouts.  Next meeting we will try a different piece of technology.

  • Jason Hendry (jhendryUK)
  • Daniil Baturin (Dmbaturin)
  • Kim Hagen (UnicronNL)
  • Paul Fitzgerald
  • Michael Zimmerer (mtz4718)
  • Mihail Vasilev (mickvav)
  • Ewald van Geffen (Feedmytv)
  • Patrick van Staveren (trickv)
  • Yuriy Andamsov (syncer)
  • Bronislav Robenek (BillyTheCzech)
  • Amos Shapira
We took some meeting notes which are currently available only on Google Docs but will be centralized somewhere agreeable in the future.

Feedback & Next Meeting
If you would like to join the next meeting, please comment on Q55 in Phabricator to get yourself on the list.  Hope to see you there!
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