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VyOS Certification Discounts in May

Posted 26 Apr, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

When we announced the VyOS Certified Network Engineer exam, we said the first hundred applicants will get a 50% discount and need to pay only 100 EUR rather than 200.

However, we underestimated the number of people who will sign up. By now the waiting list is about 140 people and we are doing our best to make that line move faster. Our original certification lab setup was built with an assumption that only a few people will be interested, so we are scaling it up now to keep up with the demand.

What are we busy with?

We are not a huge enterprise and we have not expected that much interest. Our initial certification setup only allows running two parallel exam sessions. 

We are working to add more lab servers and make the number of concurrent exam sessions scale. We are also adding more lab scenarios.

Be prepared!

The lab scenario isn’t easy, so preparation is important! Spend extra time to review the topics, and feel free to ask questions on the forums. Reading the documentation won't harm either.

Here is an exam blueprint.


More people signing up means we need a lower price per applicant to cover the infrastructure and development costs. It does mean higher upfront costs, but it would be wrong to make early adopters absorb that cost, especially at this time.

The economic situation remains perilous, with many people losing their jobs and even more worrying about job security. If we can make the service more affordable for our users, I believe we should.

So, forget the “first 100 applicants” statement, from now on and until the end of May, the price is 100 EUR for everyone.

Order now!

For our existing customers

Current customers are welcome to open a ticket in the support portal and we can handle free exam booking from there.

Pro Subscription - 1 exam voucher

Corp Subscription - 5 exam voucher

Support Subscription - 1 exam voucher for each subscription

What is VCNE?

VyOS Certified Network Engineer (VCNE) is a certification that confirms medium to senior skillset to operate VyOS deployments and usually means that you can operate pretty much anything 

For you, being certified is a great credential and for your current or future employer, and we’ll make special discounts on VyOS services and software access subscriptions for certified individuals and companies that employ them.

First VCNEs are here to help you!

As it should be, Daniil Baturin became VCNE #1 (from the second attempt, so yes, it’s difficult).

Another three VCNEs are Dmitriy, Taras, and Viacheslav who actually are key persons in the certification program preparation, there are more people involved in all this certification stuff and without their work it wouldn't be possible at all.


We also offer free certification to everyone with a contributor status (Contact us)

Speaking of which, we were never planning to stop handing out contributor subscriptions, and there are quite a few new contributors. If you have contributed to the code, documentation, testing rolling releases, or you are actively promoting VyOS and can prove it, don’t forget to fill the application form!