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CVE-2016-5696, development meeting, and other things

TCP vulnerability and its fix There was a vulnerability discovered in the implementation of TCP in Linux (CVE-2016-5696) that is remotely exploitable and allows an attacker to ...
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VyOS remote management library for Python

Someone on Facebook rightfully noted that lately there's been more work on the infrastructure than development. This is true, but that work on infrastructure was long overdue and ...
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The new website is now live

Hi everyone, The new website is now live. There are still some rough edges (typos, odd links, odd wording etc.), if you find anything like this, let us know. But overall it does ...
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wiki.vyos.net now uses the new recaptcha (meaning: way easier to edit)

Hi everyone, I like to joke about "wiki.vyos.net, a free encyclopedia no one bothers to edit", but there was a thing that actually made it rather inconvenient to edit for people, ...
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vyos.net → wiki.vyos.net redirect

You may have noticed (or will notice soon) that http://vyos.net redirects to http://wiki.vyos.net. Don't worry, this is normal. It's the first step in preparation to roll out ...
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dead.vyos.net and contributing to VyOS

Hi everyone, This is a bit embarassing. For almost a day http://www.vyos.net (but not http://vyos.net) was sending people to the http://dead.vyos.net website, until someone on ...
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