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VyOS Project 2019 November Update

Welcome to the monthly round of VyOS project updates. What do we have in store for you? 
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VyOS Project 2019 October update

Everyone is probably aware that VyOS was built upon a codebase that hasn't aged well. VyOS 1.2.0 was all about a (sometimes painful) base system and codebase refresh, but the ...
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Software and Support Subscriptions Update

Finally we have finished updating our website (there’s still an ongoing work on improving it though, and your suggestions are welcome!) And it's time to update pricing for our ...
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VyOS 1.2.3 release

VyOS 1.2.3-epa1 ("early production access") release images are available for download for customers and active contributors, and everyone is welcome to build it from the latest ...
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VyOS Project 2019 August update

With cloud support, a simplified installation process, and a potentially much faster VPN, we can proudly say we’ve had a busy month. What can you expect from the updates and ...
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VyOS 1.2.2 maintenance release

VyOS 1.2.2 maintenance release is now available. Our customers and active contributors who have a subscription can download the images from the support portal, and everyone can ...
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VyOS rolling release has got an HTTP API

In short: a prototype of an HTTP API is now included in the nightly builds and available for testing. Right now it requires some manual configuration to get running, but a new “ ...
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CVE-2019-11477 (TCP SACK panic) and an Intel i40e driver issue

Recently discovered vulnerability in the Linux kernel's TCP selective acknowledgement processing code potentially allows a remote attacker to cause a kernel panic with a specially ...
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VyOS Project 2019 - June update

The summer is often a slow news season, but we’ve got quite a few things to share. We’ve been slacking off on posting development news and keeping the community updated, so ...
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