Growing VyOS community and project side by side

Posted 1 Jul, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

Some numbers and pictures. Awareness is something we should definitely improve for the VyOS project. You can participate! Join us!

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Telemetry poll results and their implications

Posted 14 Jun, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

The results and our thoughts in this post about our recent poll regarding telemetry. Thanks for your participation!

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Anonymous stats collection from VyOS routers: we need your opinions!

Posted 29 May, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

usage statistics and telemetry were always controversial topics, the VyOS project need such info. Cast your vote on the topic.

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VyOS Project May 2020 Update

Posted 26 May, 2020 by Yuriy Andamasov

MACsec, New NAT implementation based on nftables and long-expected support for DHCPv6-PD, HTTP API improvements and more

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Images for labs, geeks and other non-production use

Posted 12 May, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

Everyone who becomes Patron on Patreon or BuyMeACoffee member will receive access to LTS release images.

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VyOS Foundation Announcement

Posted 10 May, 2020 by Yuriy Andamasov

The next step in the VyOS project evolution. A governing organization that consists of community members

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Is VyOS CLI fast yet?

Posted 8 May, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

One of the worst performance problems of the rolling release is fixed, now boot time and commit performance are nearly as good as in 1.2.x.

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VyOS Project April 2020 Update

Posted 3 May, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

New partnerships including Lanner and Oracle. TSANet membership and VyOS WebUI

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VyOS Certification Discounts in May

Posted 26 Apr, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

From now and during whole may you can pass VyOS certification for fraction of cost

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VyOS and Nutanix collaboration moves to new level

Posted 24 Apr, 2020 by Yuriy Andamasov

VyOS is validated on Nutanix AHV since 2019. Now we teamed up with Nutanix to get even more for all their customers (current and future) Stay tuned!

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