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Customizing Ubiquiti USG configuration with JSON just got easier

Posted 11 Apr, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

There are a lot of USGs out there, very often for complex configurations is not enough what you can do in the controller. See how you can do more.

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VyOS Certifications - VyOS Certified Networks Engineer (VCNE)

Posted 5 Apr, 2020 by Yuriy Andamasov

VyOS project announcing the first certification - VyOS Certified Network Engineer

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VyOS Project March 2020 Update

Posted 23 Mar, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

Here is the March 2020 update from the VyOS project. Despite Covid-19, we continue our work on LTS and Rolling

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VyOS team offer help for most affected by COVID-2019 outbreak

Posted 16 Mar, 2020 by Yuriy Andamasov

COVID-19 affecting all of us. VyOS team offer professional assistance and free access to software for companies from most affected regions

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VyOS Project 2020 February Update

Posted 20 Feb, 2020 by Yuriy Andamasov

1.2.5 Early production release, reproducible builds and more

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VyOS for Australian companies

Posted 27 Jan, 2020 by Yuriy Andamasov

Free VyOS Software Access Subscriptions for Australian companies

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VyOS Access subscriptions for documentation

Posted 14 Jan, 2020 by Daniil Baturin

VyOS Access Subscriptions for everyone who contributes to the documentation of open networking software.

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VyOS 1.2.4 release

Posted 1 Jan, 2020 by Yuriy Andamasov

VyOS 1.2.4 is out now. BFD, SNMP extensions and hardware images were added in this release.

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VyOS Project 2019 December Update

Posted 24 Dec, 2019 by Daniil Baturin

It's almost winter holiday time already! It's been a great year for VyOS, with many big improvements in the code, and more community contributions

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VyOS Project 2019 November Update

Posted 25 Nov, 2019 by Daniil Baturin

From the new 1.2.4-epa1 release to Google Cloud Marketplace support, to our first steps in the direction of a GUI in the form of VyOS manager (lite), November s...

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