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VyOS Project 2019 October update

Posted 29 Oct, 2019 by Yuriy Andamasov

VyOS Project update from October. API improvements, platform-specific images, and buster-based VyOS

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Software and Support Subscriptions Update

Posted 4 Oct, 2019 by Daniil Baturin

Get information about VyOS subscriptions and support services

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VyOS project news in September

Posted 23 Sep, 2019 by Yuriy Andamasov

September update: 1.2.3 GA release, new website, changes in subscriptions, and a new way to convert old command definitions to the new format.

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VyOS 1.2.3 release

Posted 5 Sep, 2019 by Yuriy Andamasov

EPA for VyOS 1.2.3 is here. As always, bunch of fixes and enhancements. This EPA also introduce HTTP API in the stable release builds

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VyOS Project 2019 August update

Posted 5 Aug, 2019 by Daniil Baturin

Simplifies installation from USB, a faster VPN, cloud support and more: check out August’s updates and explore where the VyOS project is headed next.

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VyOS 1.2.2 maintenance release

Posted 15 Jul, 2019 by Daniil Baturin

Announcement of VyOS 1.2.2 maintenance release

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VyOS rolling release has got an HTTP API

Posted 20 Jun, 2019 by Daniil Baturin

Introduction of an HTTP API

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CVE-2019-11477 (TCP SACK panic) and an Intel i40e driver issue

Posted 18 Jun, 2019 by Daniil Baturin

A vulnerability in the Linux kernel TCP SACK handling was discovered, and it allows a remote attacker to cause a kernel panic with a specially crafted packet se...

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VyOS Project 2019 - June update

Posted 17 Jun, 2019 by Daniil Baturin

June update for VyOS Project. What happened since last update, plans for future and other project related news and updates

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Support portal maintenance is over

Posted 4 May, 2019 by Yuriy Andamasov

Maintainance of support portal was finished successfully

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