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Maintenance notification: is going down for a few hours at most. The original VM we deployed from a template had a disk too small for what we need, so we setup a VM with a bigger disk ...
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USA west coast mirror is temporarily down

The server that runs the USA west coast mirror ( is experiencing technical problems and is temporarily down. It's expected to be back in service in 24 hours.
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Sentrium? What Sentrium?

You may start wondering what's that mysterios Sentrium S.L. that appears in VyOS-related material sometimes. It's pretty easy. Sentrium S.L. is the company that Daniil Baturin ...
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VyOS infrastructure updates: new blog and new bugtracker/collaboration platform

Infrastructure changes always give people a mixed feeling. Nothing is exactly "the old thing but better", some long standing issues get fixed while some perfectly useful features ...
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