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Have you got any spare hardware for the VyOS testbed?

We've had an idea to put together a testbed for testing new VyOS releases for a while, as having different people test different interoperability issues is not always all that ...
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Social network integration for VyOS 2.0

There are still many design decisions we have to make for the next generation VyOS. No project can become successful these days if it lacks social network integration. For this ...
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phabricator maintenance

Hi everyone, phabricator migration to new VM is now complete, but it experiences performances problems because it's still re-importing all the repositories and, given there's a ...
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Maintenance notification: phabricator.vyos.net

phabricator.vyos.net is going down for a few hours at most. The original VM we deployed from a template had a disk too small for what we need, so we setup a VM with a bigger disk ...
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USA west coast mirror is temporarily down

The server that runs the USA west coast mirror (0.us.mirrors.vyos.net) is experiencing technical problems and is temporarily down. It's expected to be back in service in 24 hours.
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Sentrium? What Sentrium?

You may start wondering what's that mysterios Sentrium S.L. that appears in VyOS-related material sometimes. It's pretty easy. Sentrium S.L. is the company that Daniil Baturin ...
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VyOS infrastructure updates: new blog and new bugtracker/collaboration platform

Infrastructure changes always give people a mixed feeling. Nothing is exactly "the old thing but better", some long standing issues get fixed while some perfectly useful features ...
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