Building an open source network OS for the people, together. → redirect

You may have noticed (or will notice soon) that redirects to Don't worry, this is normal. It's the first step in preparation to roll out ...
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Hi everyone, This is a bit embarassing. For almost a day (but not was sending people to the website, until someone on ...
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VyOS Project news

Hello, Community! We have some great news to share!  As some of you may already know, we are planning to run virtual meeting event for VyOS devs and users in near future. So in ...
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Commercial support and professional services for VyOS

From earlier posts, you may remember Sentrium S.L., an IT consulting company founded by one of the VyOS maintainers and two long time VyOS users and community members. In this ...
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Servers maintenance: phabricator and jessie build host

Hi everyone, I bet you are all tired of this stuff already, but then again, so we are. We ourselves hope it's the last big maintenance we get to do at that site and then ...
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Ukrainian mirror changed its address

The maintainer of the Ukrainian VyOS mirror ( is re-organizing his network, and this required to change the IPv4 address of the mirror host. We have updated ...
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Forum maintenance complete

MyBB has been updated to the latest version and appears to be functioning properly. If you spot any problems, let us know!
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Forum maintenance

We'll be updating MyBB now, which will take the forum down for a while. This shouldn't take a long time, we'll let you know when it's complete.
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MediaWiki update complete

MediaWiki has been updated successfully, in the end. It didn't exactly go smoothly, but it appears to work normally now. Let us know if you spot any issues.
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MediaWiki update

Hi everyone, We are updating the MediaWiki setup, so the website may be inaccessible for a brief period. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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